Don’t just take my word for it. Read what my clients have to say:

Signing up with Sharif was the best thing I ever did for my fitness programme. He has taught me techniques and exercises that I now incorporate into all of my gym workouts, and I’ve been seeing consistent, visible gains. Highly recommended.
James Rawson

I started with Sharif about a month ago, and he’s an excellent trainer in all respects. He’s focused, and determined to see his clients achieve their goals. By training with him, I constantly feel I’m improving in my fitness, and I highly recommend him.
Marc Jreidini

Workouts with Sharif are so much fun! He’s very motivating, and I really look forward to the sessions – great banter too! I lost weight and toned up, and Sharif knows how to push his clients without making you hate exercise! Highly, highly recommended.
Nora Zeidan

I’ve trained with Sharif for a few months, and find him to be creative, attentive and results-orientated. He came up with challenging exercises to work around a knee injury, making my exercise routine far more interesting and enjoyable than it had been.

I always thought working out was very boring, which is why I avoid going to gyms. However, with Sharif, each session is truly different, and you never know what to expect or what he’ll make you do next. Sharif keeps notes on your progress, and pushes you further all the time.
Faisal Abbas

Sharif changed my training programme, and gave me valuable nutritional tips. Sharif’s friendly approach gave me the enthusiasm I needed to go to the gym regularly. I like the fact that he devised a programme that suits my routine, and I don’t have to do exercises I dislike. I can see results, and I’m loving it.
Bruno de Sousa

I started training with Sharif, having done pretty much no sports or anything really active since school. Pushing me to my limits but in such a way that it killed my enthusiasm was never on the cards. Just enough and that touch more has been working brilliantly. I’d be happy to recommend Sharif to anyone looking to sort themselves out.
Sam Shnaps

For those looking for an intense full-body workout, training with Sharif is ideal. In just an hour, you’ll cover all your muscles and work up a real sweat. Sharif is very accommodating and outgoing, so the sessions are fun and fast-paced, and you’ll never do the same workout twice! I recommend Sharif to beginners and advanced exercisers alike.
Yasmine Shihata

I’ve worked out with personal trainers consistently over the years, and have high expectations of them. Sharif far exceeded those expectations. He’s knowledgeable, motivating, and fun to work out with. Most importantly, he helped me achieve some of my fitness goals over a short span of time. He really enjoys what he does, and I in turn really enjoy working out with him.
Anisha Samiy

Motivational and disciplined, Sharif has made me surpass my goals and targets, and makes training sessions a fun part of my week that I look forward to, not a task that I dread. Very well-learned in his field, Sharif can always offer different variations to workouts. Very conscious of your ability, he’ll coach and encourage you to always be the best you can. I recommend him 100% .
Jamil Perrineau

I’ve known Sharif for over 10 years. He’s very dedicated, and is driven by his clients’ results. When I train with Sharif, he always pushes me to get the best out of me. The difference between him and other personal trainers is that Sharif genuinely cares for his clients. I’ve recommended him to all my close friends as the best personal trainer I’ve ever trained with, and they’re also very happy with Sharif.
Tony Kitous

In preparation for a 400km cycle, not only was Sharif available to help me and offer a fantastic price which no other personal trainer could match, but he was also quick and responsive, and knew exactly what to do to prepare me. It’s clear that this isn’t only a job for Sharif, it’s his passion, and it’s certainly contagious. I strongly recommend him in every possible aspect. You’ll also be sure to enjoy yourself.
Nadia Al-Shadhir

Training with Sharif in the park has been a fabulous and refreshing alternative to the gym. My goal was to get my stomach and bum in better shape for a holiday, and I achieved that thanks to Sharif’s perseverance. It has been a great pleasure working out with him. I particularly like that his sessions are varied, and he puts a lot of thought into specific programme design, rather than generic workouts.
Paulina Nejman

Sharif is one of the most conscientious personal trainers I’ve come across. He couples enthusiasm with attention to detail, and produces workouts that are both energy-sapping and fun. I particularly enjoy the variety that comes with each session, and the fact that he isn’t afraid to push me to my limits. If you’re looking for value for money and customised routines, I couldn’t recommend Sharif highly enough.
Oliver MacAndrew

Having had two recommendations for a personal trainer from a friend, I decided to go with Sharif. It was the best decision for me.

I like the convenience of having him come to my place, and have seen a change  in my body in the short time Sharif has been training me. I’ve exercised muscles I never knew existed. I look forward to the year ahead, training with him and changing my body for the better. If you’re thinking of a results-driven personal trainer, Sharif is your man.
Dane Murray

Sharif has helped me strengthen my back, after many years of back problems, by focusing on core muscle exercises, and by giving me a bespoke programme which we go through in our sessions, and which I can also do at home and in the gym.

I’ve found the sessions really useful, and have benefitted from Sharif’s experience as a personal trainer. The best reward after a heavy session has been the stretches, which have helped me tremendously. I highly recommend Sharif as a personal trainer.
Maggie Rasulzadah

Meeting Sharif has been a not only a pleasure, but all in all a great experience. His sessions are never boring, and are challenging in a good way. I never know what he has planned for me, and that makes each session more exciting.

I find Sharif polite, encouraging, and awesome at his job. I never feel like I don’t want to see him, as he makes it fun, and his passion for his job makes me want to train harder. I have, and would, highly recommend him to my friends. Thanks for being such an inspiration Sharif!
Kiren Awan

Sharif tailors the workout specifically to me, and pushes me to a level appropriate to my level of fitness and ability. I really enjoy our workout sessions, and never dread them like I did going to the gym.

His approach makes me feel very positive about myself, and the actual workout session is competitive and fun – it’s the next day when you’re aware of just how many muscles have been worked! I’m seeing definite improvements already, and friends have commented on my toned arms, which is music to my ears!
Karen Doherty

My personal training sessions with Sharif were the perfect combination of motivation, education and encouragement, and always left me feeling physically and mentally exerted whilst still being willing and able to book in for another session. I still use the exercises he taught me on my solo workouts, and thank him for helping me kick-start my muscles into action after a long hiatus from the gym.

I’d highly recommend Sharif for anyone seeking the guidance and extra push to turn the flab into fab in no time at all!
Layla Maghribi

Training with Sharif is a pleasure. His positive energy is contagious, and he always arrives with brand new exercises – 2 months in, and we still haven’t repeated the same one. I was so surprised to learn that everything that could be done in a gym could also be done in your lounge!

I enlisted the help of Sharif to increase my fitness levels and improve my body confidence. Training sessions which push me to my limits and a realistic nutritional plan mean that I’ll be wearing my bikini with confidence this year.

I’m not a big fan of exercise, but Sharif has a great personality, and our workouts end up being my relaxation moments during the week. He always brings different ideas to our sessions, which range from light stretching to get-up-and-go kickboxing, and it keeps me motivated!

After I started training, it wasn’t long before my friends and work colleagues noticed I looked fitter and started asking what I was doing. In fact, my best friend and a colleague are now training with Sharif, and we all agree he’s very professional, but at the same time, great fun!
Laura Silveira

I started working out with Sharif when I’d just become pregnant, and he took on the challenge of keeping me in shape while being mindful of the effects of pregnancy on me and the limitations that placed on the types of exercises I could undertake. Sharif ensured that I had a varied exercise programme and kept me motivated, while ensuring that I didn’t injure myself or put undue pressure on my body.

We had fun, and I improved my fitness and maintained my shape (for a period of time anyway!). I look forward to restarting my sessions with him once I receive the all-clear that I can exercise.
Ayah Elmaazi

I’ve been training with Sharif for over a year now, working on my goals of improving my overall fitness, general toning and losing a bit of weight. Sharif is extremely reliable and professional. He manages to be someone you don’t want to let down, and is a motivator without being a bully!

Despite how much he pushes me, every session has been enjoyable, and I always leave with a spring in my step. Sharif really knows his stuff, keeps the routines varied, and is always enthusiastic. I was really shocked but pleasantly surprised when after a couple of months I repeated the exercises from week one, and found my strength and fitness had improved across the board.
Susannah Brownlees

Sharif is a very charismatic, enthusiastic and encouraging trainer. I’ve had many trainers in the past, but none as tough and motivating as Sharif. His versatility, humour and focus create the perfect recipe for positive results. He’s adaptable to all environments, and is great with people of all ages.

Despite a gruelling training session, he somehow makes it fun and varied each time, whether it be with children or adults, as I’ve been witness to in my communal garden. Considering I’m not the sportiest of people, I’ve previously looked at my watch on numerous occasions waiting for the hour to end, and somehow with Sharif the thought of checking my wrist doesn’t cross my mind.
Rudi Rahmani

Sharif has without doubt motivated me to get my best ever results. His style strikes just the right balance between encouragement, focus and motivation – I found myself really wanting to do better week after week. One of the really refreshing things about Sharif is that he genuinely listened to what I wanted to achieve and tailor-made my programme to help me get there – genuinely personal training.

Another great aspect of his training package is that it doesn’t just stop after the session. Sharif is pretty much available 24/7 for hints and tips on exercise, diet and, well, anything really – top-notch stuff! I really can’t rate him enough, but don’t just take my word for it – I’d strongly recommend anyone to take a trial session with Sharif and challenge them not to re-book!
Ian James

I came across Sharif almost on a whim – he looked fit, and was a friend of a friend. However , I wasn’t prepared for the discipline and fun that he simultaneously injects into a workout.

I’ve had personal trainers in the gym who spent more time talking to others than focusing on me. Sharif arrives at my place, and for one hour it’s a carefully executed plan of exercises that both keep my heart rate up, and push me to systematically higher levels of progress.

The key is having fun, and feeling that you’re being pushed beyond what you’d dream of ordinarily accomplishing. His enthusiasm for pursuing greater levels of fitness, and in using bodyweight exercises that don’t require much equipment, mean that you begin to believe that you truly have endorsed a different lifestyle. He’s phenomenal, and will focus on getting you to where you need to be.
Tahir Ali Wahid

I started training with Sharif in January 2014. I wanted a personal trainer as I’d done really well in losing over 20kg in weight, but felt like I was going through the motions at the gym thereafter, with no real direction or purpose. I knew what I wanted to achieve, but was fairly clueless as to how to get there. I was recommended to Sharif by a mutual contact, and we had a chat to understand my goals and aims, then we kicked off the following week.

Very quickly, the remaining stubborn weight started to come off, and the definition I wanted started to appear. Three months in, and I’m well on the road to getting the overall outcome I’ve been trying to get this last year or so without success.

Sharif sussed out quickly what I was capable of, and pushes me to try more and do more each session. One session to the next is different with different exercises, combinations and muscles worked, so you’re never quite sure what you’re going to get. A good thing. I had a personal trainer before that I couldn’t connect with on a personality level, but Sharif is easy to get on with, and sessions with him are hard work but enjoyable.
Andrew Parker

A lot of personal trainers look as though they don’t even go to the gym themselves. However, I’m positive that every gym-goer aspires to achieve the perfection that Sharif has achieved with his body, and thus be sure to want him as their personal trainer. I’ve learned a lot from these sessions, and look forward to learning more.

The sessions were tailored specifically to my needs, which I believe to be the case for everyone. Sharif has a great understanding for people, and has an incredible way of making you feel at ease no matter how many reps you happen to be doing. I often come away from a session realising I was working a lot harder than I thought I was at the time. This is what makes a great personal trainer.

His positive approach makes you feel like you CAN achieve more, and not as though you can’t keep up. I’d recommend his services to anyone, especially those who may be nervous or new to using a personal trainer. Sharif will listen to you and focus on what you want. He’ll make you comfortable and sure about what you’re doing and most importantly, you’ll see a result.
Lewis Greenslade

I’ve worked as a personal trainer for a few years now, and have known Sharif for some time. I’m very glad that we did a personal training course together, as it involved us doing a lot of studying, and practicing different training programmes that we’d design for each other. Not only do I train best with him, but during the course he made me study harder than I ever did.

Sharif is not only someone you want as your personal trainer, but also as your friend. He’s fanatical about getting things done properly, and making the most out of a situation. Every time I train with him, it’s clear to me how having a great personal trainer can make a big difference in a relatively short space of time.

Sharif helped me realise many times in these sessions how much more potential I have than I once thought, and it’s a great feeling of achievement. He’s knowledgeable and passionate about his work, and full of new ideas. He’s very reliable and professional, and has very good manners with people. I have no hesitation in recommending him to any of my clients.
Mustafe Gashi, personal trainer / physiotherapist

An outstanding master of his craft, Sharif embodies fitness. He’s passionate, a treasure trove of health and fitness knowledge, and an expert in multiple training methods and nutrition. It’s obvious and evident through the energy and enthusiasm he brings to the training session.

He has a perfect combination of diverse training methods, and individualised exercise programmes that are challenging but nothing more than you can handle; this has motivated me to push past my perceived limits.

His professionalism, extensive knowledge, warmth and enthusiastic commitment to his work – and ultimately to his clients – provides the perfect scenario for success and makes workouts fun, setting foundations for a new, healthier lifestyle. He is personable with a lot of integrity, and his personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere.

Having worked with other personal trainers, I can say that Sharif is the standard by which any trainer should be measured. I believe he could inspire lifelong couch potatoes to become gym rats, and that’s no small feat.
Glenda Gavilanes

I’ve suffered all my life from being overweight. In addition to always finding it extremely difficult to cut down on food which I love, I could never discipline myself to exercise regularly. Although I’ve joined many health clubs, my enthusiasm would fade soon after, and day after day I’d lose the urge to make the effort to attend.

When my niece’s wedding date was fixed, I wanted very badly to look good and fit into something smart, but time was short and I had a very long way to go. That’s when my nephew Sharif came to the rescue. He arranged for me to join the gym he’s a member of, advised me on my food intake, and trained me to get into shape.

With Sharif’s excellent professional skills, fine personality, determination and unlimited dedication, I soon found myself enjoying what I was doing, and I started looking forward to my daily sessions with him at the gym. I was also amazed at how quickly he managed to tone me up and build up my stamina to use the cardiovascular machines for long stretches without having to stop every minute to catch my breath.

At my niece’s wedding everyone thought I looked stunning, but more importantly, I was personally elated and content with myself. Sharif proved to me there’s nothing impossible (well he got me into shape!). I sincerely recommend him to anyone who’s serious about changing their lives and determined to get into the shape they desire.
Maha Abdullahad Sowan

I’ve wanted to be ripped for years, but as a slight, 5-foot lad with a penchant for beer and curry, I always struggled to see results after many failed attempts at getting fit. However, my last attempt has been different.

It all came about when, sat at work late one night after finishing my second takeaway of the day, I stumbled across Sharif’s website through a mutual friend’s Facebook page. I’d never had a personal trainer before, and was sceptical as I’d heard some bad stories of trainers not really caring about their client’s goals, and in some cases not even turning up for sessions.

After my first session, I knew my new leaf wasn’t a fad. Right from the get go, Sharif taught me the importance of nutrition, and the training sessions were amazing: fun, varied, inspiring, and completely tailored to my lifestyle and goals. Since then no session has been the same, and in the short time I’ve been going I’ve already seen amazing results.

Seeing this progression, coupled with feeling more energetic and stronger, has given me the extra drive to keep at it and stay on top of my nutrition. I can see my body getting ripped and I love it! In short, Sharif is all I could want in a personal trainer and more! An amazing trainer, a great bloke, and now a good friend. I can’t recommend him highly enough!
John Adams