I’m able to train clients:
- outdoors
- at clients’ homes
- at my home in Wandsworth, London
- at private gyms

I have a variety of equipment for those who dislike gyms, find exercising outdoors more fun, or find training at home more convenient.

My hourly rate for an individual session at my home is £25, or £40 if I travel to a client (£45 if I have to pay for parking).

My hourly rate for training two clients together at my home is a total of £40, or £60 if I travel to the clients (£65 if I have to pay for parking).

The reason I can undercut other personal trainers in price is because I don’t work for a gym, so I don’t have to pay exorbitant rent or commission, so I pass on the savings to my clients.

Please note that I require 24 hours notice for cancellation, otherwise I’ll have to charge for the session.

I provide free, tailored nutritional plans for clients.

The length of each session is flexible, according to clients’ time constraints, goals and preferences. Minimum session length is half an hour, maximum session length is 2 hours.

I’m reachable and available to my clients anytime to answer questions or offer advice.

Special offers

Get a free session when you recommend me to a friend.

Group discounts are available – rates vary according to group size.

Can’t have a regular personal trainer?

Using a personal trainer is the best way to ensure proper technique, motivation, variety, qualified advice, and success in achieving your goals. However, if for any reason regular personal training isn’t an option for you, I can still be of service:

1) You can arrange one-off consultations with me to discuss your exercise and nutritional regime and goals. This costs £25 at my home, or £40 at yours (£45 if I have to pay for parking). For those who live outside London or the UK, the consultation can be done on the phone, via Skype, or by email, at a cost of £25. Consulations shouldn’t take more than half an hour, but may take longer if you or I feel it necessary.

2) Following a consultation, I can devise an appropriate exercise regime that you can undertake on your own. This costs £40.

3) I can devise an appropriate nutritional plan, which costs £40.