March 2011

- Eating foods high in vitamin C increases your protection from heart disease, according to the University of California.

- Eight hours’ sleep a night protects against age-related ailments such as memory loss, according to the University of Virginia.


- Blueberries contain fibre that protects against intestinal problems such as colon cancer, according to Lund University.

- Eating just 100g of any fish a day can cut the odds of contracting cancer by 50%, according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer.


- Regular running helps delay the onset of arthritis by as many as 12 years, according to Stanford University.

- Swimming helps prevent bone degeneration because the water bears your weight without stressing your bones and joints, according to the University of Louisiana.

- Your risk of stroke is reduced by 40% if you lift weights as it decreases blood pressure, according to the University of Michigan.


- Kidney function declines by 30% if you have two or more fizzy drinks a day, according to Harvard Medical School.

- Your risk of stroke increases by 56% if you regularly binge drink, according to Stroke Journal.

- Mint tea contains hesperidin, an antioxidant which reduces oxidative stress and inflammation associated with diabetes by 52%, according to University of Buffalo.